What are the fin densities and fin ratios currently available with the Mersen Fabfin finned heatsink
Mersen's Fabfin finned heatsink family comprises the MF, AF, DF, and FF designations, which respectively provide fin center-to-center (cc) pitch of 3.43, 5.49, 6.86 and 8.51mm; or in terms of fins-per-inch (fpi), 7.4, 4.6, 3.7 and 3.0. The maximum fin height-to-gap ratios are respectively MF 22:1, AF 30:1, DF 27:1, and FF 20:1. Mersen highest ratio heatsink is the Hollow Fin, which uses the DF baseplate, and it has a maximum fin height-to-gap ratio of 48:1. Comparable, state-of-the-art single- piece extrusions can presently achieve max fin ratios only as high as about 15:1. Mersen presently uses extruded fins, which are 1.04, 1.52 and 2.4mm in thickness.

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