Why choose Ruiquan Hardware?

Why choose Ruiquan Hardware?

      As heat sink manufacturer, we have lots of reasons you choose us, not only we can reduce cost for you, 

     but also we can help you to finish total production chain service, contain: heat sink design, test, prodution, packing, shipping,etc.

    Besides, please note the below important information:

    If you are aluminum extrusion heat sink manufacturers, why choose us?

      We specialize producing heat sink for 14 years, why choose us, you can know more us

      by the below item.

      1.we have mature supply chain management, contains the below item:

        1)Strong material suppliers, we can meet the max aluminum extrusion width                                   

           700mm,tall and thick aluminum extrusion material 

      2.In our factory, we can do the below production process:

        1)making mold,cutting,CNC,drilling,chamfer,polishing,brush,drying,packing.

      3.Except aluminum extrusion heat sink, we can also do the cold froging heat sink.

      4.We have strong surface treatment suppliers and strategic cooperation, so we can                  

          control the surface treatment cost for you.