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What is your policy on returns

Becausewe custom cut our extrusions to length per order, please be sure yourmeasurements for custom cuts are accurate. If you receive something other thanwhat you ordered, contact us at +86 13609699895 or rq4@dgruiquan.com and wewill arrange an immediate replacement or refund of all charges. However, if youare requesting an RMA on heatsinks that have been received as ordered; thesewill be subject to a 30% restocking fee and return shipping will be at thecustomers expense. Any handling or cut fees are non-refundable.  Ifyou need to return an item, simply login to your account, view the order usingthe "Complete Orders" link under the My Account menu and click theReturn Item(s) button. We'll notify you via e-mail of your refund once we'vereceived and processed the returned item.   Or you may contact us to initiate a return.

How good is the Mersen Fabfin mechanically swaged fin joint?

Mersen's patented swaged fin joint has been tested against equivalent machined fins from a solid block. Thermal tests showed an immeasurable difference on overall heatsink thermal performance.

What are the fin densities and fin ratios currently available with the Mersen Fabfin finned heatsink

Mersen's Fabfin finned heatsink family comprises the MF, AF, DF, and FF designations, which respectively provide fin center-to-center (cc) pitch of 3.43, 5.49, 6.86 and 8.51mm; or in terms of fins-per-inch (fpi), 7.4, 4.6, 3.7 and 3.0. The maximum fin height-to-gap ratios are respectively MF 22:1, AF 30:1, DF 27:1, and FF 20:1. Mersen highest ratio heatsink is the Hollow Fin, which uses the DF baseplate, and it has a maximum fin height-to-gap ratio of 48:1. Comparable, state-of-the-art single- piece extrusions can presently achieve max fin ratios only as high as about 15:1. Mersen presently uses extruded fins, which are 1.04, 1.52 and 2.4mm in thickness.

My notebook is suddenly making lots of noise! What should I do?

he amount of noise your notebook makes depends on many factors - obviously, on the operating temperature and the CPU load, but also on the operating system configuration, installed drivers, and the BIOS. Did you reinstall your OS before the problem occured? Installed new drivers? Upgraded the BIOS?In some cases, it may help to put your notebook back to its original operating system configuration with the aid of a recovery CD (or recovery partition) supplied by the manufacturer.Refer to you notebook's documentation for instructions how to do that.If you believe that the noise is related to a defect in the notebook's cooling system, read below.

Can you make a custom heatsink for me that is wider or taller than the profiles you have on your web

We can cut to length any of our profilesthat are already on our website. We can in many cases, customize ourexisting profiles to produce the width needed by performing vertical cuts toour profiles (please contact us for quote).  Please do not use the "specific cutlength" field to request vertical cuts, this field is for specific cutlengths only.We can also quote the addition of machiningservices to the heatsinks to your specifications, please contactus for quote.In some cases, to create the perfect heatsinkfor your application, the purchase/creation of an extrusion die is required. If you feel your volume requirements warrant the expense of tooling,please contact us for quote.  This is typicallydone for large quantities (1,500 lbs and over) with orders placed on a regularbasis.We purchase our new dies and add themto our collection based on customer feedback and requests.